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    Here’s my fast tutorial on how to install Nvidia graphics Optimus + Prime on Antergos and keep it running ! If you dont need to use vulkan you can stop at the step 5 and stick with bumblebee…I myself do prefer to use optimus-manager and vulkan full power.

    As some of you may know, antergos is my favorite distro, and ive3 been using it for long long time as my main system, but i feel like there 's the need of a tutorial basic and simple to config it so i will try to make it clear!

    1. When installing the system DO NEVER SELECT PROPRIETARY DRIVERS.
    2. After the system boots up we are going to install bumblebee and the proprietary drivers, install nvidia-installer from Antergos Repository using " sudo pacman -S nvidia-installer"
    3. Remove Xf86 video driver with pamac or any other like nouveau if its installed but DONT REBOOT YET!
    4. Run on terminal " sudo nvidia-installer -b , this will install the latest nvidia driver with bumblebee.
    5. Now you can reboot the system and can stop here if you dont need full power or vulkan.
    6. Now that we already have the latest nvidia driver installed and running we are going to remove bumeblee and install optimus-manager, go to pamac or pacman and remove bumblebee package only.
      7)Open usr/share/x11 and remove any intel or nvidia conf file that you may find inside, do the same on the modprobe folder.
    7. Open etc/X11 and remove any intel or nvidia conf file you may find.
    8. Now that you removed any thing that could get in our way its time to install optimus-manager from aur, i do like using yay for aur packages, install it with whatever you may like, DONT REBOOT YET.
    9. Now you can start its service on terminal and start it!
      sudo systemctl enable optimus-manager.service
      sudo systemctl start optimus-manager.service
    10. Set nvidia as your default videocard, on terminal all you have to do is:
      sudo optimus-manager --set-startup MODE

    A big thanks to optimus manager script creator, and to Antergos distro devs that does a great job over there too!

    This script does also works for any arch linux distro but this one is specifically to Antergos

    Cheers up \o


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