• New SSD - Easiest Way To Clone Old Drive?

    Hey Everyone,

    I’m looking at replacing the SSD in my laptop, and was curious if there was an easy way to clone my Antergos install?

    Currently, my drive has multiple partitions and is dual-booted with Windows 10. I am assuming any type of cloning software to copy all the contents from the old drive to the new drive will NOT work? Mainly, because it will not be able to read the Anterogs installation and data?

    Is there an easy way to clone the drive or restore my install and get everything with Antergos on the new drive without having to perform a fresh clean install?

    Thanks in advance to everyone’s time and help, it is greatly appreciated.


  • Have you looked at CloneZilla (https://clonezilla.org/) ?
    Disclaimer I’ve not used it personally, but have read positive reviews.

  • Hi,
    Like Joe I would use dd (did used it in the past) to clone the drive (connect new drive via external case) and after that you can use gparted to adjust the partitions. Then you can put the drive in your machine and try to boot. That was exactly what I did. Took about an hour including the time it took to adjust the partitions. THAT ONLY WORKS IF NEW NEW DRIVE IS AT LEAST THE SIZE OF YOUR OLD DRIVE!

  • Thanks for the suggestions! What do you mean when you said ‘adjust the partitions’? Like you resized everything since you had a bigger SSD with more space?

  • @a4orce84

    Do you have the hardware that you can use for cloning disks, e.g. external USB case for the new disk?

    One idea could be doing it (partly) manually! If it doesn’t work, you don’t have much to loose, only some time…
    It could be done in several phases.

    1. Clone Windows with any reputable Windows cloning program.
    2. On Windows, make space on the new disk for Antergos partition(s)
    3. Use the Antergos USB installer stick, copy all Antergos files with cp or rsync, and make the new disk boot

    The third step in more detail:

    • Boot with the Antergos USB installer stick.
    • Copying could be done simply with either cp or rsync programs. For example: cp -a <source-directory> <target-directory>
    • After copying, arch-chroot to the new Antergos root partition. Then, depending on your machine’s firmware type (UEFI or BIOS legacy), use grub-install and grub-mkconfig programs to make the new disk able to boot both Antergos and Windows.

    You will need to edit /etc/fstab on the new disk because there are new UUIDs created during the process.

    Disclaimer: please note that I haven’t cloned a multi-partition disk, so I have not tested this myself. However, I have copied files from an installed Linux partition to a new partition (and booting was handled by another installed Linux), and it has worked.

    Anyway, an easier method probably is clonezilla, just as @BlaiseD suggested. And the links of @joekamprad provide much useful info.

  • @a4orce84 Hi, for this situations, i used AOMEI Partition Assistant before, it worked fabulously, it can clone an entire hard disk, including every partition, to another disk, or [migrate only os drive](0_1546824438362_fa55cc92-b228-4542-a65e-4415674af73c-image.png link url) to another disk. No matter what is your needs, you can get satisfied. Worth a shot.

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