• kernel updates kill display port monitor connection



    Here they are again with everything, but, swap mounted from arch-chroot
    I am looking for a way to show my boot log that errors out at boot-efi.mount fails so you can see the actual things going on. I could pull it up from the emergency console with
    journalctl -xb

    Would that help? It doesn’t show anything from the live environment sadly.
    edit: after looking at journalctl -h I don’t think it is available. It list up to the last working boot it looks like.

  • Yes, you can also cast with smartphone…
    But text logs are better to read.
    You can (if connected to net) pastebin logs from terminal, so you need to paste only a short url.

    logcommand  | curl -F [email protected] https://ptpb.pw/?u=1

    Where logcommand can be every command that gives out text data…

  • @joekamprad noted. I will keep that in mind, but, is there a way to get a log of the failed boots to show the errors I am getting?

  • Well at any rate, three days of this is enough. I will reinstall and hopefully have a working system. Thanks for the help.

  • @michaelnothing if you have your personal files save, a reinstall on linux is often much faster, and possible more clean.

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