• Antergos/Arch kernel manager

    Hi folks!

    Here’s a new kernel manager for Antergos, and it should work also on Arch.

    To install it, just download the PKGBUILD file from https://github.com/manuel-192/akm/raw/master/PKGBUILD and install it with command:

    makepkg -sic

    in the directory where the PKGBUILD file exists. The program installs as file /usr/bin/akm.

    To use it, run a terminal command


    with root/sudo permissions. So far I didn’t create a .desktop file that you could simply click to start the manager. But it is quite easy to do yourself, too. I plan to include it in the PKGBUILD later.

    Here are a couple of tiny pictures about it. The first is how the main window looks like:


    And this is what you get if you run it as a non-privileged user:


    The program installs/removes/downgrades the kernels that you see above. It also manages related kernel header packages. It requires packages yad, downgrade and xterm to be installed, and warns if they are not.

    So try it and enjoy! :)

  • a akm.desktop file? as it would be nice to have it inside menus… and would make it possible to include running it with administrative privs… i do not know exactly, but irt may need a pkexec file under /usr/share/polkit-1/actions/ too

  • gksu /usr/bin/akm
    tr: misaligned [:upper:] and/or [:lower:] construct
  • @joekamprad
    Thanks for testing! I’ll look at this tomorrow… :)

  • @joekamprad

    gksu /usr/bin/akm
    tr: misaligned [:upper:] and/or [:lower:] construct

    Can’t reproduce that…
    Does it happen if you do:



  • yes same output on try to install additional kernel

  • @joekamprad
    found the reason and fixed it. I forgot that you use zsh, not bash! For zsh the parameters of the tr command were not suitably quoted.

    And the akm.desktop file was added. The elevated privileges are now handled inside akm using the pkexec command.

    So please test it again! :)

    Version of akm is now 0.1.8.

  • Still fixed some minor bugs, like the .desktop file is now properly installed.

  • @manuel o.k. working now ;)
    But after installing a new kernel it goes back to main screen and shows the installed kernel, but buttons are still “OK” and “abort” clicking “OK” brings you back to home screen… should change to quit…

    And do we need to regenerate grub.cfg or systemdboot to make new kernel aviable at boot? (if kernel is installed additional)

  • @joekamprad
    Since I haven’t used systemd boot (have only used grub), what is the command to regenerate systemd boot menu?
    Other things are now fixed, and it will be available soon.

  • @joekamprad

    what is the command to regenerate systemd boot menu?

    Seems to be:

    bootctl update


  • Alright, now akm is updated to version 0.1.10. It can generate boot menus:

    • if grub is detected, new grub.cfg is created with command grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg
    • if no grub but systemd boot is detected, new systemd boot is created with command bootctl update

    Please test this new version, especially the systemd boot stuff, since I have no machine that uses systemd boot.

  • @manuel said in Antergos/Arch kernel manager:

    have no machine that uses systemd boot.

    me too but i can install one virtual ;)

  • New version is 0.1.11. New features (in addition to some bug fixes):

    • management of nvidia graphics driver packages (experimental)
    • checking missing kernel headers and giving a change to install them
  • Would be nice to have it on aur

  • @edneyhelene
    I guess Arch people wouldn’t want it in AUR because it can be used on Antergos as well… ;)

    Anyway, it is simple to install (and update) with the following commands:

    cd ~     # or maybe better: cd ~/Downloads
    wget -q -O PKGBUILD https://github.com/manuel-192/akm/raw/master/PKGBUILD
    makepkg -sic
    rm -f akm-* akm.* PKGBUILD
  • @edneyhelene @manuel Antergos Repository would be the right place for a package for Antergos.

  • Now the next version 0.1.13 doesn’t anymore require the xterm package.

  • @manuel
    0_1545467181312_Bildschirmfoto vom 2018-12-22 09-25-35.png


  • @manuel

    hint, hint…

    As mentioned earlier, would be a nice addition to the Antergos repo.

    Good work!

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