• Antergos not installing, no logs in /tmp/ and no error

    I have been trying to reinstall Antergos on my current machine (I had left it to experiment with other distros for a little while), and it is hanging on “getting the disks ready” during the install. Looking around I have seen reports of this happening and people being directed to look at a log file placed in /tmp/ to see what is happening; however, I have not been able to find that the referenced log file in my /tmp/ during the install. More over I have played with my selected options preinstallation and they all lead to same scenario. It just hangs. Does anyone have any recommendations or guidance that they can give me regarding this?

    P.S. the installation iso from October worked on this same system. The system itself has not changed.

    Thanks to @manuel I was able to locate the log file. I reattempted the install and got the logs. They don’t seem to have an sort of error:

    cnchi.log - google drive

  • @sydfox95
    Logs should nowadays be under /var/log and its subdirectories, e.g. cnchi.
    Without logs it is very hard to guess what might be wrong.

    This gives some help for the install: https://antergos.com/wiki/install/installing-antergos-2/

  • @manuel

    I retried the and found the logs. Thanks for telling me where to find them. Still don’t know why it is hanging though.

  • [DEBUG  ] Unmounting /install  (mount.py:37)
    [WARNING] Error running ['/usr/bin/umount', '-l', '/install']: umount: /install: no mount point specified.  (run_cmd.py:118)
    [ERROR  ] Traceback (most recent call last):  (run_cmd.py:78)
    [ERROR  ]   File "/usr/share/cnchi/src/misc/run_cmd.py", line 102, in call  (run_cmd.py:78)
    [ERROR  ]     timeout=timeout)  (run_cmd.py:78)
    [ERROR  ]   File "/usr/lib/python3.7/subprocess.py", line 389, in check_output  (run_cmd.py:78)
    [ERROR  ]     **kwargs).stdout  (run_cmd.py:78)
    [ERROR  ]   File "/usr/lib/python3.7/subprocess.py", line 481, in run  (run_cmd.py:78)
    [ERROR  ]     output=stdout, stderr=stderr)  (run_cmd.py:78)
    [ERROR  ] subprocess.CalledProcessError: Command '['/usr/bin/umount', '-l', '/install']' returned non-zero exit status 32.  (run_cmd.py:78)
    [ERROR  ]   (run_cmd.py:78)
  • @joekamprad
    Hmm… I’m having cnchi do the partitioning and stuff for me. Is there something I can do to resolve this problem?

  • if you want to use a complete harddisk for Antergos, you can cleanup the HD before installing, SSD can be cleaned with Secure-Erase
    Or simple do a dd with zeros to overwrite all on the disk.

    sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdX bs=4M status=progress
    • replace X with the target drive letter
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