• Updated today, now install dies after boot

    Hi there. This is going to be frustratingly vague, but any help is appreciated.

    I ran updates today. I tend to run updates every few days. The update was rather significant, including the kernel and KDE components.

    After a restart, when normally SDDM would come up, nothing happens. My monitor goes into power saving mode after receiving no signal, and all power is cut to my GPU and HID devices. I have to force a hard reboot to get back to POST.

    I’ve been unable to interrupt the start up process to try and get to a new terminal session.

    Any thoughts on how to recover my installation or what might have gone wrong? I’m kind of out of ideas since I can’t get to a CLI.

    I’m on a Ryzen 5 and VEGA 56 GPU.

    Thanks in advance!

  • @nico144
    Sounds like a graphics driver issue, maybe downgrading helps.
    You should be able to boot with the USB installer stick and arch-chroot to the installed system and do any maintenance there.

    Chrooting (after successfully booting with the USB stick) requires terminal commands, something like this:

    lsblk -fm    # look for the root partition of the installed system for the next command
    mount /dev/sdXY /mnt   # X and Y from the previous command
    arch-chroot /mnt

    and now you should be in the installed system. Some command details may be different in your system.

    You may install package downgrade and run it for those packages that caused the issue.

  • wonderful, thanks!

    i’ll give that a go and see what i can do.

  • Other users have reported problems with the new kernel updates and vega gpus, too. U may try the given solution to rollback to an older kernel.
    Good luck, Greetings!

  • My GPU isn’t Vega, but I experience monitor issues too. I guess I was the first “lucky” person on forums to experience the glory of recent updates - https://forum.antergos.com/topic/11090/kde-fully-broken-after-today-s-update

  • thanks all!

    i gave it some time and followed manuel’s instructions to run updates today on my system from a live USB. the new kernel updates seem to have resolved the issue.


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