• Gnome Control Center / Samba Problem

    I went through the Antergos Samba guide - twice, actually, on 2 different Antergos machines. One one, it worked perfectly! The shares are up and available. On the second one, however, something’s gone wrong.

    I went through the entire guide, and everything should work, but when I go to Nautilus and right click > “Sharing Options” > “Share this Folder” it gives me an error, telling me I need to enable Sharing in the System Settings.

    So I go to Gnome Control Center, to this section:

    alt text

    I can select Require Password, and I can add a password, but the top left “OFF” button - when I click it to turn it ON, it just immediately turns off again. (That bottom button will change from gray to blue, but I can’t make any selections or anything with it.)

    I’ve restarted repeatedly, updated everything - I even tried to start Gnome Control Center as root (sudo gnome-control-center failed without launching) and I can’t figure out how to fix it.

    Any thoughts?


  • i can see a dav:// url …

  • @joekamprad said in Gnome Control Center / Samba Problem:

    i can see a dav:// url …

    Does that mean something? That path gives an error message (“Oops, something went wrong” etc) when I paste it into Nautilus.

  • you want to connect via samba protocol and not dav as far as i understand…

  • Hm. I’m not sure what that means. The only way I’ve worked with sharing is mounting the foreign folder like

    mount -t cifs // /mnt/shares/

    How do switch from dav to samba?

    (Why is dav the default? Should I be using dav instead?)

  • I do not have dav nor samba shown inside gnome-control-center i do only have VNC there, as i do configure it. so there is may something needed to install to show samba inside sharings at gnome-control-center… but i do not think it is needed to work with samba shares inside nautilus.
    But the Wiki say:

    "Under GNOME you need to put off sharing personal files like this:
    switch OFF Sharing Personal Files on Sharing under System Settings…
    System Settings --> Sharing --> Sharing Personal Files --> OFF"

    samba nautilus-share gnome-user-share gvfs-smb must be installed and make sure to configure a maybe present firewall (personal or network based) to let samba passing.

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