• Stuck on boot


    how to fix this

  • @Rusiru
    You could try changing the display manager to e.g. SDDM.

    Can you log in using the terminal (e.g. by pressing Alt-Ctrl-F2)?
    If you can, then run the following commands:

    sudo pacman -S sddm
    sudo systemctl disable lightdm
    sudo systemctl enable sddm

    Of course you could, before changing the display manager, see the output of

    systemctl status lightdm.service
  • @manuel issue is not solved

  • @manuel how do i show system logs :(

  • I/O error and ata1 errors linking to a failed drive or corrupted filesystem, unsave cable connection e.t.c.

    Can also causing to fail start lightdm… booting from live ISO and run fsck on /dev/sda

    sudo fsck -a

    will check and repair automatic without asking…

    man fsck for more options… or archwiki

  • @Rusiru
    Some system logs:

    sudo journalctl -b0

    But as Joe said, disk may be corrupted, and fsck may fix it.

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