• Screen corruption & Water Mark

    After tonight’s updates there is screen corruption in the upper left corner of the screen and a watermark that says “deepin” near the lower right. Please stop sending out bad updates or stop using the rolling release model. There have been many occasions lately of updates screwing things up.

  • @shane-a-davenport
    Antergos uses the Arch repo’s for updating the system and the desktop environments, this proces happens for a very large portion automatic, it’s maintained by three people, so they possibly can’t check everything manually. If it’s tested by Arch, Antergos receives the updates more or less simultanously, no human interference is handled in that part of the proces. This characterises Antergos, this distro is nothing more than a fast and simplified installer for Arch, with some Antergos tweaks, after install it rolls along with Arch.
    Arch uses bleeding edge technology and there’s a possibility that imperfections comes with it and it will be solved in the next release. We’re the testing audiences, so to say, so it’s also important to mention this to the concerning devs. (In this case the Deepin devs)
    In this case the updates are coming from Deepin and they decide how the Desktop environment behaves and looks like, Arch nor Antergos have nothing to do with that change. So if the Deepin devs decide to watermark the desktop, then it’s their call. Gnome has dropped and added features and looks in the past also, it’s their vision.
    As for a smoother sailing Deepin see my post over here.

  • @shane-a-davenport
    If you want to have a more stable desktop environment, you might want to use Xfce instead of Deepin.

    But, there really is no such thing as having both: releases coming quickly and extensive testing.

    But if you disagree, there are things that you can do:

    • help Antergos developers to create error free releases
    • donate to Antergos development
    • publish your own better distro
  • @shane-a-davenport
    You may not have been aware at the time but by choosing to install Antergos (and by implication Arch) you have elected to use a distribution which is defined as a rolling release.
    If that is not acceptable, then - and I hate to say it - you should consider using another distribution.

  • @shane-a-davenport
    I just took a quick look at the screen corruption and it’s clearly a residu from the Deepin watermark layer on the screen. I’m sure in time this will be fixed.

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