• Cnchi does not turn on swap partition during normal install

    Recently, several months after the installation, I was surprised to see that with many opened pages in the Firefox browser run out of physical memory and the desktop crashed. It turned out that swap partition was not switched on.

    My question is that Cnchi does not turn on the swap partition during normal installation, or i was just so “lucky”?

  • I’m afraid you were one of the rare “lucky” ones where this happened, I recently saw on my partners old computer that swap was activated.
    How does the partition scheme look like?

  • @Bryanpwo sda1 ntfs system
    sda2 ntfs Windows
    sda3 extended
    sda5 ext4 Antergos
    sda6 linux-swap
    The truth is that Linux Mint 19 was on the computer earlier. I thought that during installation, Antergos would format the Linux Mint partition and use its swap partition, but that did not happen. I guess you would have to format the Linux Mint’s sworn swap partition with the installer, and then that would not have happened. I just thought that when installing Linux distributions, this operation is automatic.

  • You can simply enable it with

    sudo swapon /dev/sda6
  • @zoli62 can you paste:

    cat /etc/fstab


  • @Bryanpwo Thanks i already enabled it in fstab file.

  • @joekamprad Thanks, I’ve added this line already to fstab:
    /dev/sda6 none swap defaults 0 0
    Anyway, I noticed that a similar topic was on the board, so i am not alone with this issue, after all, Google is your friend. :) https://forum.antergos.com/topic/24/solved-swap-partition/10
    Conclusion: This bug already existed five years ago in the installer.

  • Just wanted to add that formatting swap by default on installation is probably not the right decision, as this will break on boxes where multiple distros are installed and using the same swap partition and swap is mounted using UUID.
    For the record I did this once :-(.

  • @BlaiseD Other installers will automatically use the existing swap partition. I think it would be obvious for MBR systems. On one of my machines, two different distributions can peacefully use the same swap partition.

  • @zoli62
    Swap partitions are not always even wanted. For example, if your machine has loads of RAM, then swap partition may truly be unnecessary.

  • You can handle swap as you want on advanced partition, simple only set the mountpoint and do not format.
    Automatic partition will create one with the same size as installed Ram.

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