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    Hi all,

    I’m in the market for another Antergos install. I’ve been reading around in the forums and noticed that one of the maintainers is no longer on the project and that Antergos Deepin shouldn’t be a considered a stable DE, but those posts were from months ago. Is that still the case?

    Thank you

  • As you might notice, when you start up the ISO, Deepin is one of the default choices in Cnchi. So Antergos offers you, like any desktop environment, the vanilla version of Deepin with some Antergos twists, this means that once installed it gets it’s updates from the upstream version of Arch.
    Deepin recently got an update and it runs fine, my tip for Deepin though: when a new version of Deepin arrives in the updates, just wait a week or two to install it. Somehow Deepin updates don’t come all at once, but in chunks, resulting in, if you install it immediately, that things don’t work, because the dependancies of that certain app didn’t get an update at the same time, they come out one or two days afterwards. Just keep an eye out on the forum around the time when it hits pacman.
    If you do that, then Deepin is a pleasant experience.

  • Thanks so much for the information and tip!

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