• Where has deepin gone?

    Has deepin been removed from the repositories?
    failed retrieving file ‘deepin-icon-theme-15.12.66-1-any.pkg.tar.xz’ from mirrors.rit.edu : The requested URL returned error: 404

    Same applies to all mirrors…
    Same applies to other deepin files

  • faulty mirrors somehow…

  • @ringo32 all of them?

  • when i look in my repo is see deepin packages … not i download them but 404 is something you cant reach te mirror, is there something happend like do you use vpn or something else ? what could mather ?

  • @ringo32 I can download other files - just not deepin files. No VPN.
    Just installed gnome-characters - no problem.

  • weird deepin-icon-theme gets installed, something no good on the mirror…

    stil i think that … i cannot tell another logic about this…

  • Deepin could be getting an update at the moment, there were some problems with the latest Deepin release on Arch.

  • @Bryanpwo - probably - files are still missing…

  • @JonPaul
    It’s working now, everything seems to work and the earlier flaws (not able to change fonts and icons) work now, the only thing I could discover was that the icons change gets adepted in the system, except for the dock. On there the icon theme stays Numix-square.
    Maybe @developers could take a look into that?

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