• KDE bluetooth not working

    I just bought and installed this wireless network card:

    ASUS PCE-AC55BT Wireless
    Standards: 802.11ac Wifi AC1200 Bluetooth 4.0 PCIe/mPCIe
    Chipset: Intel Wireless WiFi Link 8260 AC Adapter
    firmware: iwlwifi-8000C-13.ucode (is in /lib/firmware).

    In order to use bluetooth it has a separate USB connector, which is connected in the right usb port (2.0). I selected Bluetooth on installing Antergos, and have bluez, bluedevil, and a bunch of other related stuff installed too.

    The wifi installed on boot just fine, and works great (I am using it now), but in KDE settings the Bluetooth adapter was not listed, so I did this:

    sudo systemctl start bluetooth
    sudo systemctl enable bluetooth

    That worked partially, as after login and going back to settings > network > bluetooth > Devices, I got a message:

    “Your default Bluetooth adapter is not visible for remote devices. [fix it]”
    below the message I can see “HOSTNAME (38:DE:AD:2C:28:07) - hci0” which should be the device.

    I clicked on fix it, and it set it from “Hidden” to "Always visible on the Adapter tab, but I got another message:

    “Bluetooth is not completely enabled. [Fix it]”

    Again, I clicked on “Fix it”, but that is not working. Back on the Device tab , below the message is: No Devices found [Add new device], so I click on that and a “Select a device” window pops up and it does a very long scan, it finds a device as “56-53-15-B9-6B-60” then another: “6D-CC-8E-CB-76-CE”, and four more so far, and it is still scanning now as I write this (more than an hour!) None of them are 38-DE-AD-2C-28-07, like the one on the adapter tab (38:DE:AD:2C:28:07) either.

    well, I only have one adapter, and the wifi is dual band (2 antennas), but I don’t think the bluetooth is also dual band, but that info is nowhere to be found, and it is showing 6 devices, not two, where it is really one dual band device.

    Something is telling me that it is not scanning for the adapter in my PC, but rather devices in range of it, meaning it’s giving me the wrong message: (Bluetooth is not completely enabled). there is no other bluetooth device in or connected to my PC, nor do I have any bluetooth devices of my own yet, but others in this house do, and I have a new phone coming soon I need to work with this thing.

    Can anyone tell me what is going wrong? Am I missing something?

  • OK, I was right, I was getting an erroneous message, as soon as it had found 7 devices, I finally canceled out of the scan, and the message went away. I removed all of them, as they are not mine, and the message did not return. I think it listed every device within a mile!

    I was trying to add one device: the adapter, and not every device in range, KDE just decided that I was, even though I never asked it to, making me think that the adapter wasn’t fully set up right.

    Just one more KDE annoyance for my long list!

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