• Plasma5 Dekstop suddenly shows the word "normal" top right

    So I booted up my system today and discovered that my plasma5 desktop suddenly shows the word “NORMAL” in the top right corner. I have no idea how this word got there, why it is being displayed and, most important, how to get rid of it again.
    Any ideas ?
    I added a red outline to the word in my screenshot.
    Jalt text

  • Update:
    When I switch to XRendr instead of OpelGL in the compositor settings, the word “NORMAL” disappears.

  • So, I have found a solution.
    The word “normal” obviouisly was generated by the Nvidia settings. This Laptop uses G-SYNC, and there is an option to enable a G-SYNC visual indicator in the OpenGL settings tab of teh Nvidia settings… Even if you check/uncheck this option, it requires a restart or a logout/login to take effect.
    I have no idea how it got checked (most probably error 40) , but after unckecking it and a logout/login, the word normal now has disappeared .

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