• switch to gnome desktop

    iv’e installed antergos and selected budgie as my desktop but im not satisfied hence i want to switch to gnome. Can you guide me on how can i do that?

  • sudo pacman -S antergos-gnome-meta

    log out session, and log in to gnome.
    then remove budgie-desktop:

    sudo pacman -R budgie-desktop

  • @joekamprad

    First of all sry for replying to an old thread. But since I have pretty much the same problem it didn’t seem right to create a new topic with the same name.

    I wanted to uninstall kde completely after I switched to gnome already. I did not use the meta package you suggested and will do so beforehand since it includes a lot of packages I was apparently missing.

    My question is connected to the uninstalling part. Finding this from an arch developer: pacman -Rnsc kde led me to ask your opinion what would be preferable or what your reasoning would be to not use the cascading, recursive and nosave flags. (The linked post is from 2008 so your approach might be preferable now).

    So if you would not mind elaborating in a few sentences I would be very thankful for that.

    edit: I compared the outcome of both and the outcome of Rnsc was safe to execute (dependencies were fine and removed 4 packages more)

  • i would install GNOME first, reboot, login to GNOME and remove KDE then…

    sudo pacman -S antergos-gnome-meta
    reboot to GNOME

    sudo pacman -Rnsc kde

  • doesn’t installing a -meta package mean that specific components of that package can’t be uninstalled later?

    do the Live CD installers use the -meta packages when installing a DE? as i don’t see them ticked as installed on any of the DE variants i tried on Antergos … does the antergos-meta packages give me additional software compared to the Live Installer variant?

  • DE-meta packages are to install another DE after initial install, installer is using a simple package list, software sets are the same as far as i know

  • @kronikpillow said in switch to gnome desktop:

    doesn’t install a meta package means that specific components of that package can’t be uninstalled later

    it prevents from uninstalling needed packages for the DE, but you can safely uninstall DE-meta package after moved to another DE if you want to uninstall packages included in the meta package but may unwanted …

    A meta package is only a collection of packages, for a “dummy” package so that this packages where handled like a needed dependency…

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