• ISO Refresh: antergos 18.12

    Notable Changes: Packages updated for the live and minimal install environments.

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  • @lots-0-logs
    Thanks! Seems to be working well. Just installed Xfce on a VM successfully.

  • sure works smooth and without issue here too…

  • I also can confirm a smooth installation over here.

  • I have looked long and hard for a Distro that is so minimal that I can install everything I want and nothing else and also not be hard to install and I have finally found it . I installed minimal xfce just fine and boy is it just what I wanted. I love this thing. I love the fact that I get to choose everything I want and also that I have to do it myself with not shortcuts. I know that most of these Distro’s are trying to make it easy on people but to a person wanting to really learn Linux all those shortcuts just hinder your learning. I have to say that after probably 10 or 12 other Distro’s this year I am staying right here. Only problem I see was that the installer had my language as English, Australia and I selected the proper English and the proper time zone so I don’t unserstand how that works but to anyone wanting a simple method to fix it here it is.
    Example: sudo localectl set-locale LANG=“en_US.UTF-8”
    You can replace en_US.UTF-8 with whatever you want. This was my only problem. Don’t forget to configure your antergos mirrors as well as you ARCH mirrors.

  • I noticed there has been no activity on cnchi at github for about one month now… is Karasu on vacation or something? Just wondering, hope everything is ok :)

  • @knightfall @karasu has not logged in here for the past 25 days. Think he’s on vacation mode too 😎

  • Works nicely. Just had to select “cd/dvd” when booting from a usb. 🤔


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