• Speakers popping/crackling on boot and when playing a video

    Hi, as per title my speakers pop/crackle on boot and when playing a video (only before it starts playing), or when I load a webpage with a multimedia video (even if I don’t play it).
    I’ve tried many distros (Debian and Arch based) with different Kernels, library versions, DE (Cinnamon, Gnome, KDE) and with all of them the problem kept presenting.

    As I’m writing I’m on Antergos with KDE, everything updated.
    I have a USB soundcard Mackie Onyx producer, and I fear those continuous pop on my speakers may damage them.
    I disable the integrated Audio codec on the motherboard, but that didn’t sort any effect.

    Does anybody experienced a similar issue and found a fix?
    I have seen many threads opened over the internet about similar issues but the solution suggested didn’t work for me. My understanding is that the issue could be related to the power given to the card. Or at least this is what I suspect.

  • I dont know if it is the same, but i encountered a similar problem sometime a go.

    This topic in the forum help me. I dont know if it helps you

    link text

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