• Cannot browse network & SAMBA shares

    After trying 23 different distro’s I was really impressed with Antergos until I found that I can’t browse my Windows workgroup or my SAMBA shares. I did a fresh install twice in order to convince myself that it was nothing that I did to cause this. I also installed another file manager with the same results. Can anyone enlighten me as to how to fix this problem. In the meantime I installed Manjaro which doesn’t have this problem. TIA

  • An alternative solution (for less experienced users) is to install smb4k, which automatically mounts Samba drives as local directories.

  • @joekamprad said in Cannot browse network & SAMBA shares:


    Just for clarification; isn’t this guide dedicated to users who want to share files stored on their antergos computers?

  • Have you looked at autofs I use it to mount nfs exported filesystems, for example on my raspberry pi. To auto mount a location simply navigate to /net/<networkname or ipaddress>/exportedfs

    It does have auto smb mount capability.
    I haven’t used it to mount smb drives in a v.long time so cannot give you much advice in terms of setting up.
    /etc/autofs/auto.smb seems to have instructions on authentication.

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