• Wayland and lightdm?

    I just tried installing KDE to play around with. It works well, but I also wanted to try a wayland session. When trying to launch it from lightdm I just get a black screen and then get thrown back to the login screen. I know lightdm has issues with wayland in the past, but that was years ago - can lightdm still not start wayland sessions?

  • Have you installed plasma-wayland-session? This is not installed by default on Antergos KDE and try it also with sddm.
    If those two don’t work either, it could be a hardware-Wayland compatibility problem.

  • Yes I have installed plasma-wayland-session, otherwise the wayland option would not show up in lightdm at all. But it seems it won’t launch. Yeah I guess I will have to try something other than lightdm (it was just a “for fun”-test so haven’t bothered yet - just curious what the cause is :) ).

  • IIRC sddm is recommended for KDE

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