• Random black screen on login


    I have an Asus X541U laptop with Nvidia GeForce 920M video card. After 10 years of Ubuntu I switched to Antergos 2 weeks ago, and I am really satisfied with it.

    However on booting my laptop about 2/3 of the cases it goes on black screen, sometimes with a non blinking cursor at the top left corner, sometimes with no cursor.

    I can swithch to other ttys, and if I press enter and (blindly) type in my password it logs me in to my gnome enviroment.

    On the other 1/3 of the cases everything goes as expected, but sometimes the resolution for the login screen is smaller than my desktop settings and sometimes the resolution is fine.

    I have added


    to my /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf nothing changed.
    I have added

    pci=noaer acpi=force

    to my grub, nothing changed.

    After running


    I was no longer able to login (even blindly) and I had to delete the created conf file.

    I have found quite a few forum posts about similar problems, but I did not really find a working solution.

  • you can try install lightdm-gtk-greeter , in the conf file place # infront of the webkit greeter, it will choose automatical gtk-greeter, you can check if that works nicely ?

  • @rrd looks likely not an issue with gpu settings/driver, instead is may a problem with lightdm-webkit-greeter

  • It seems installing gdm solved the issue.


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