• Can I install Plasma KDE alongside Deepin DE?

    I want to switch to Plasma KDE from Deepin desktop environment but I heard about issued and incopatibility between DEs. Can I install Plasma without getting problems in long term? If yes, what command I have to launch to install it?
    Thanks :)

    EDIT: this post solves also screen tearing with NVIDIA cards in KDE.

  • You can install plasma with:

    sudo pacman -S antergos-kde-meta

    In that case you’ll get the full KDE Plasma DE plus the Antergos settings.

  • @Bryanpwo thank you, I’ll try it soon ;)

  • It seems to works great…! :D @Bryanpwo

  • You’re welcome.

  • @Bryanpwo Thank you very much :) I installed KDE both on my desktop PC and my notebook. I’ve noticed that my desktop suffers of screen tearing, but my notebook doesn’t. I provide you some specs:

    CPU: Ryzen 5 1600
    GPU: GTX 1060

    CPU: i5-4200u
    GPU: Radeon 8670M

    But I noticed going in Kinfocenter > Graphical Information > OpenGL > 3D Accelerator > Vendor there is “Intel Corporation” instead “AMD Radeon Graphics”. So I think the notebook use the internal graphics to manage the DE.

    Waiting for some news :)

  • For your desktop try install the Nvidia driver:

    sudo pacman -S nvidia-installer

    After install type:

    sudo nvidia-installer

    after that reboot the machine and hopefully your problem will be solved, if not then updating your Bios could also be a solution.
    for more info on that read the thread over here.

  • @Bryanpwo I tried to install the nvidia-installer, but it didn’t do the trick. I also tried to upgrade the BIOS first to F10 than to F23 and the screen tearing is still here :(

  • Have you tried to do the set up in the wiki about Nvidia cards, Joekamprad made a very clear description over here.

  • Just to chip in on this, I have installed both KDE and Deepin in parallell. I started with KDE from the installer and then just installed the deepin packages. No issues at all so far :)

  • @Bryanpwo thank you again! I will try this steps asap!
    @stingray454 Great, so also the inverse process works great :D

  • I my case disabling compositing resolved the screen tearing.

  • @tankist02 I will try when I come back to home :) thanks ;)

  • @Bryanpwo Thank you a lot! In this page I’ve found a link to NVIDIA Troubleshooting that makes me able to avoid the screen tearing! :D Here the link! ;D

    Thank you very much and sorry for the late :)

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