• Canon TS9000 driver problem

    I installed Antergos today and everything works perfectly except one thing, my Printer/Scanner.
    It found out to install the printerdriver but no scanner from the settings menu.
    When i brought a visit to the Canon site i was so happy to find out that they got Linux drivers for both.
    Only problem is that since i’m a almost total newbie and there are 3 choices, rpm, debian and source.
    The rpm and debian falls off i suppose so i downloaded the source.

    But how do i do best i find alot of info but since i’m new in this it’s a gamble

    ./configure followed by make, make check, make install?
    Or is it better to create a Aur package try it out and upload so that the community can profit?
    Since i don’t got the experience and there is a chance i will fail i would try over here if someone can guide me a little 😋

  • In the AUR there’s a Canon driver called


    Try to install that one, it is the scanner driver that your printer uses.
    Just in case you don’t know how to reach the AUR, the easiest way is to enable the AUR in Pamac’s settings and type the packagename afterwards in the search area.

  • @anermos

    An alternative is to install Simple Scan. I have a Canon TS5050 and had a similar problem to you. There are a couple of differences between Scangear and Simple Scan:

    • Scan gear can save in JPEG or PDF formats, although there doesn’t seem to be an obvious way to change scan resolutions.

    • Simple Scan saves both text and photo scans as PDF, it’s easy to change the scan resolution, brightness and contrast from the settings menu.

    I tend to use Simple Scan, although both work well.

  • Simple scan can save as PDF, png, jpeg and webp, see File Format drop down list in bottom left corner of save dialog box.

  • Sorry for the late reply, Busy days and had problems tot log in again.

    Tryed them both out and it works perfect. Gonne use both and see what i like most. Thanks for the answers.

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