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    Does anyone know if it’s possible to change the view in evolution to see the recipient of the sent mails, and not the sender, as this is me in every case? (the ‘to’, not ‘from’. I have the interface in german)

    I can’t find the option to do so. It would be much more simple to find mails (like in Thunderbird or Outlook).

    it’s the only problem I have with Evolution ;)


  • Normally you will have the to inside sent but it is pop or imap?

  • Hi,

    It’s with all accounts, Exchange, gmail, and IMAP.

    I use the vertical view (3 columns), and “sender above subject” seems to be a fixed combination. I could add another column with the recipient, but that’s not the goal, the sender would stay visible. The question is if it’s possible to change the combination “sender above subject and date on the right side, in the middle column” in “recipient above subject and date on the right side, in the middle column” for the sent-folder. ;)


  • @idoki
    You may use the mouse and right click on a column header. There are options like

    • Remove This Column
    • Add a Column
    • Customize Current View

    Is this what you want?

  • The customization seems to be the way to go. Not optimal, but probably no other choice.
    (There does not seem to be any way to replace ‘sender’ by ‘recipient’).

    Thx for your time

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