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    I’m running XFCE with NVidia driver with latest kernel.
    So, I like to play BZflag on linux. I’ve been playing it for years without any issues and about 3-4 months ago, while I’m playing the game my tank will intermittently stop moving. I’ve been going nuts trying to figure out why and how to fix this, but I’ve had no luck. I’ve tried a different keyboard, changed NVidia settings and switched GPU driver to the nouveau driver. I did narrow it down to “I believe” keyboard key repeat. If I’m in the game and I press and hold the up arrow key to move the tank forward, it will keep moving without stopping, but if I keep holding that key down and press and release any other key just once, the tank will stop moving after a few seconds. I went into keyboard settings and disabled key repeat and when I press and hold the up arrow only, the tank will stop moving after a few seconds. So it’s something with the key repeat. Weird thing is, in Windows 10 it works flawless.
    Any help to resolve this would be appreciated.

  • @guido
    I’m totally guessing here, but if it is a keyboard related issue, then some keyboard related kernel parameter might help. But unfortunately I don’t know which keyboard parameter to change and how, so you need to search the internet… unless someone here has a suggestion.

    Anyway, kernel parameters can be added to the variable GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT in file /etc/default/grub and after adding it, run command

    sudo grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg
  • @manuel said in Keyboard key repeat:


    Thanks for the info.
    I have no experience with kernel parameters so I’m hoping someone on here can help me.

  • @guido
    I can help you with using the kernel parameters, but finding the right parameters is out of my scope… But I guess you could search with keywords like

    arch keyboard kernel parameters

    including some word(s) about your issue.
    And Arch wiki might also help you.

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