• Advice about updates.

    I want to ask you about the time i must perform the updates. I am thinking to do it once a week, to avoid any problems. Is that a good idea or i must do it more often?

  • Yo dont have to update straight away, you can do once a week is fine. You can even take some time look what it update , and crawl a bit over the forum if needed… but if notifier notice you to update can be irritating by some so they leave the updater out mostly to not have irritation of update :) , but once a week is fine.

  • You can also switch the 'looking for updates" off in Pamac’s preferences, if you don’t want the notifier to inform you everytime at start up. Updating once a week is preferable.

  • @ringo32 @Bryanpwo if a delay more than a week? In what time of delay i have problem? My english is bad, i dont know if you understand what i am saying. Sorry for that.

  • problems comes without any rule for time … and if they rise there will be a solution very fast on a rolling release, so if the solution comes up 3 days after the issue rises, you will skip the solution and get may a bigger issue on update system…

  • It really depends which updates are pushed, I’d stick with once a week.
    You beat me to it 😉

  • Wise things to do before any update is to

    As people say here, there is no update time limit that always works. Best to check the news and issues as above, then decide whether to update or not.

    But, don’t wait too long with updates. Update once a week is probably a good rule of thumb. Maybe once a month is adequate, but risks grow as time goes by. I’d never wait updating more than a month.

    Often the trickiest update problems relate to graphics driver updates, and kernel updates. When they are coming, maybe wait a day or two before updating, and before really updating, check the forums and news as above for potential issues.
    If nobody is complaining, then probably the update is safe to do.

  • @manuel said in Advice about updates.:

    graphics driver updates, and kernel updates

    i can underline that too, if they get updated first investigate in some research …

  • i tried to do once a week… but my self know packages a bit, and yes, if it comes zo xorg gtk3 videodrivers kernel you have to look a bit offcourse if wanted to make sure of things. But practical i stacked them up if there some updates more then 20 then update i know my system a bit, if 1 or 2 and is less systemic i do too but is mostly subjective, is not that i use gnome such things, but is subjective…

  • I have been using Antergos for almost two years now and during that time the system was very stable. There were only two problems with the pre-installed login screen, but it can be replaced. Otherwise only small things which were fixed fast with the next update and that only very rarely. I update once a day, from time to time several times a day.

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