• New solution for optimus Better than bumblebee

    Hello there, there is a new solution for Arch based distros and Optimus laptop!
    It is so freaking good, manjaro already incorporated it into their official repos…think you should include it into your nvidia-install script! MUCH BETTER THAN BUMBLEBEE!

    Its called optimus manager!


  • @edneyhelene

    It is also on AUR.

    Haven’t tried it though, but will as soon as possible.

  • Its very good, i tested it intensively, can say that it works flawlessly here! much more fps on games and my nvidia card works better than with prime, also adds vulkan support!

    Should be considered for antergos team for sure!

  • So this basically switches between nouveau and nvidia by logging the user out and in again?

  • hopefully @developers looks intoo it

  • Still no news from the devs =x

  • I tried it on an old Intel/Nvidia laptop that has a quite old discretenvidia card (330m).
    It didn’t work, but the reason (afaik) is the card is too old to have any working nvidia driver.
    So I’ll keep using the Intel card on it…

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