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    I see that i have pamac version 6.4.0-1. But in the AUR there is pamac version 7.3.0-1. It is safe to replace it to the new version? I dont have any problem, just i am curius, i am asking for educating reasons.

  • @andreasdimo79
    I’d say don’t fix something that is not broken. :)

    Pamac 7.3.0 has had some problems on Manjaro, and I guess Antergos @developers know when there are enough reasons to update.

  • @manuel Its a choice of the developers? I didnt know that. Thank you for the reply.

  • pamac-classic is on a point as 6.6.7, whats differents with 7* versions, is mostly that gona replace some magic from pacman, more Terminal pamac commands, first whas pamac-install i think but now is more terminal centric. Manjaro working on that pamac replace pacman in the furute in standard edition… there pacman packlage is kinda splitted so libalmp deliverd for pamac…if future want have pacman, is later as option… is stil early o options too… but thats maindifference i think, pamac-qt also comming for kde

  • As @ringo32 mentioned, Manjaro people have been lately and currently are really modifying pamac a lot. In my mind the changes seem to be more cosmetic than anything in functionality.

    I think they are trying to favor the CLI version of pamac in the future over pacman! And they develop pamac for their system, not for anyone else …

    So it probably is just wise to see the direction of the changes very carefully. Hopefully they don’t modify pamac in ways that no more work well for Antergos.

  • @manuel think i mean the same. is beast nature, :)

    the way manjaro package is sure difference from antergos perspective… but nature of the beast.

  • i just try out pamac 7.3 on a VM and it is indeed improved in cosmetic way mostly:
    0_1542739558341_Bildschirmfoto vom 2018-11-20 19-41-22.png
    0_1542739572085_Bildschirmfoto vom 2018-11-20 19-42-56.png
    0_1542739591679_Bildschirmfoto vom 2018-11-20 19-45-01.png
    0_1542739611374_Bildschirmfoto vom 2018-11-20 19-45-18.png

  • i actually blocked pamac from updates and like using
    so far i have no issues. i don’t like the idea that pamac is turning into a “ubuntu software center”
    it takes three times as many mouse clicks to use the new pamac. although i did have to fight to keep the old version as it wanted old libraries which linux still hasn’t been able to marry the old with the new. it’s pretty sad when you can’t use 3 year old software in linux without doing linux acrobatics.

  • For those of you using pamac version 7.3.0 (or later?), it no more includes a program pamac-updater. This may break your existing launcher (icon) of Pamac updates.

    But worry no more. Here’s a simple script to fix the problem. Just run the following commands:

    sudo echo '/usr/bin/pamac-manager --updates "[email protected]"' > /usr/local/bin/pamac-updater
    sudo chmod +x /usr/local/bin/pamac-updater
  • pamac-updater, never heard of it, i thought something as pamac pamac-manager pamac-tray ?

  • @ringo32 0_1542812247807_Bildschirmfoto vom 2018-11-21 15-57-13.png
    ha ha ha what are you doin ? (it is buggy forum software)

  • @joekamprad hahahaha :) can only tell i dont got pamac anymore i use tkpacman :) if i use a gui

  • @ringo32
    It has been /usr/bin/pamac-updater (before pamac 7.3.0), and it is simply a symbolic link to /usr/bin/pamac-manager, i.e. they are really the same program. The pamac-manager is the one we use for installing packages, and pamac-updater is used for updating packages.

    They use this simple trick of the program name determining which functionality to perform:

    • pamac-manager -> starts the package installer/manager
    • pamac-updater -> starts the package updater

    (Did anyone really read this far? Congratulations! :))

  • So whats the conclusion?

  • @andreasdimo79

    So whats the conclusion?

    1. If something works, why fix it.
    2. Pacman (not pamac) is the coolest solution.
      I myself just keep pamac as a notifier of new updates/upgrades only.
  • i use just dunst notifier script to see pacman and aur got update… but whats conclusion, just try it , just remember pamac is not a pacman frondend a libalmp frondend as pacman, but behaviour i dont know but probably fair enough… if its broken you can use pacman and reinstall from antergos again :)

  • For those who don’t want to wait for a newer version of Pamac, here’s one solution: use pamac-aur (currently version 7.3.4).

    Step 1: remove pamac

    sudo pacman -R pamac

    Step 2: install pamac-aur

    sudo pacman -S --needed yay
    yay -S pamac-aur

    Step 3: create a pamac-updater script for backwards compatibility

    su -c "echo 'test -e /usr/bin/pamac-updater && /usr/bin/pamac-updater || /usr/bin/pamac-manager --updates' > /usr/local/bin/pamac-updater"
    sudo chmod +x /usr/local/bin/pamac-updater

    And to go back to the Antergos’s older version, do this:

    sudo pacman -R pamac-aur
    sudo pacman -S pamac

    (The pamac-updater is OK to leave in /usr/local/bin, it supports both old and new pamac versions.)

    Note that pamac-aur 7.3.4 has some new features, e.g. it supports downgrading packages (although I haven’t tested that yet).

  • would be nice to have some conclusion on why pamac in Antergos Repo is not the latest, as it looks like working in the same way?
    or i am wrong here?


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