• Update crash cause logout

    Hi all, i had this weird crash during the update today.
    It cause kde to logout back to login screen.
    Tried a pacman -Syu with a message system up to date.
    Did a reboot to end up with a non bootable system. 😪
    Thank’s to btrfs i rolledback to a working system without problem.
    Tried to update again with same result ( update crash in the middle + logout of kde )
    So this time i simply reinstalled all pkg with

    pacman -Qqn | pacman -S -

    It reinstalled all packages properly, and reboot with no problem.

  • @loup001 It looks like this is KDE’s fault, I had an update crash.

  • Same here, three cheers for timeshift…

  • @zoli62 and @Bryanpwo

    Thank’s guys for your reply.
    It’s the first time since i use linux full time ( since 2010) that this happend.
    Glad to read that you guys recovered your system.

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