• Since when have you started using a Linux environment?

    I wonder when you first met Linux and how long have you used it as a major operating system.

  • since … ever… 🦖 but yes i do have to use windows and mac for short periods caus of the lag of some software… first time starting late 80ies without any real Desktop Environment but start playing with it, caused by more fun then DOS and stuff…

    then mid late 90ies GNOME was born and give the possibility to run a DE on fuckin lame hardware i was using at this time… …

    sticking and loving GNOME for many years then on different Distributions, i went from
    now half away from GNOME on my beloved i3-GNOME Dektop!

  • my first pc i had was a Dell dimension 486 sx 33, i was 11 years. with msdos and windows 3.11 , i used it until 16 and cause of time, i put it away… when i was 22 i put it out the thing and tried, but buyed a second pc thats more of that time but de cpu wat a athlon, xp gave me bluescreen… i checkedthe blower and and not good on it, i burned the cpu and buy another one… and burned again :p so i buy a new one… with xp, some xp install later always messed up somehow…stephdad gave me a knoppix cd, i reminded i saw some redhad cd in a store… i tried but no connection, i downloaded sled suse, worked find but somehow i lost grub, i dualbooted other tile with ubuntu, later on i downloaded xubuntu and also removed my dualboot with xp… from 2006 to 2012 i used xubuntu for me long :p but , someone noticed linux mint i tried it 13 version… and got interested in LMDE but somehow i dont understand the update policy so much, in september 2012 i installed Manjaro 0.8 removed and installed later on 0.81 and sticked to 2016 to antergos… i tried in begin ubuntu gnome on that pc was heavy, xfce was fine with it. always used XFCE , had here and there desktop hopping, also tried kde openbox, always going back to xfce. But lately i stick to i3wm not of the cli just how it works ;) this antergos install is also way different when i installed in 2016, webkit-greeter was never my big friend, but currently i use ly loginmanager from aur, is a tui or something :)

  • @ringo32 said in Since when have you started using a Linux environment?:

    ly loginmanager from aur

    nice one ;)

  • In old philco pentium 4 pc with ubuntu 4.04 in 1999 . Than Slackware, in 2005 go as default arch linux in 2016 antergos.

  • @joekamprad
    You’re an old hand really in the business. :) I have started to do with Linux in early 2000’s. The first linux that i have first seen, was an gateway with Red Hat in my workplace at that time. Then came Suse, later Debian, where I learned the Linux tweaks. The Ubuntu line was skipped, only tested on a virtual machine. Debian has always been a favorite. In the years of 2010 came Linux Mint. About Arch i always read and interested me why it’s so popular in Linux circles. When I turned to Manjaro this year and then Antergos, I understood the secret. Simplicity, speed, freshness.I always like to try out new systems.

  • Okay, compared to you I’m a rookie, but here goes:
    I started flirting with Linux since 2012 in virtualbox on my Mac with Ubuntu and Linux Mint, but the last one I couldn’t get used to, so that one had a short live with me. My first real install (alongside with Mac os X) was a couple of months later with Ubuntu and that’s when the distrohop adventure began with me, Ubuntu was followed by a string of distro’s like Fedora, Opensuse (I used that one a while), Debian. In early or mid 2015 I landed at Voyager OS (Ubuntu based with XFCE) and stayed on that throughout that year. That was also the period I made the fulltime switch to Linux. After playing around with Arch-based distro’s in VM, I carefully made the switch to Manjaro Deepin in early 2016. I was afraid to install Antergos, after reading the comments on Manjaro vs Antergos articles and videos, Antergos being unstable and having a difficult installer.
    Since my bussiness just started out in 2015, I’ve decided to pick Manjaro.
    All went good and well untill November 2016 when Manjaro brought an update that broke my system and I couldn’t even get the ISO started. At that time I thought my hardware was dying, but Linux Mint got installed without problems. So in december 2016 I relunctantly installed Antergos, after my Manjaro experience I never wanted to have anything to do with Arch-based distro’s, but my businesspartner back then, was so enthusiastic about it, I’ve decided to give it a try.
    And here I still am, my businesspartner left, but his Antergos legacy is still with me.

  • @Bryanpwo

    I worked for AT&T for 34 years, and started using Unix in 1974 or 1975 somewhere around there. Does that count?

    My first Linux was Mandrake, which was based off of Red Hat. That was before broadband internet service and I bought it in a retail box on CD.

    Next Red Hat 7, 8, and 9. Followed by Fedora Core 1. After about Fedora Core 3, I switched to Arch Linux in 2005. Went back to Fedora at version 20 I think, now Antergos.

  • in 2010 i had no clue about linux, i heard of it vaguely in internet searches but never bothered to understand it. had no idea that linux had these things called distributions and knew nothing about linux desktops. i finally burned my first mandriva 2010 and installing it was scary since i had 4 drives in my pc with personal photos and videos, so i physically unplugged them on the chance i might format one of them by mistake. i almost quit mandriva when after install it asked me which desktop i want to install. i was confused about what KDE Gnome XFCE meant, seriously i sat there looking at that screen for quite a while thinking , aren’t i installing linux? what’s a KDE or Gnome or XFCE? 😱 😕 and by chance i picked the first one KDE. mandriva didn’t last long, i borked it soon after. then came ubuntu 2010-2014 with a lot of distro hopping but i learned most things in ubuntu 2012 gnome shell. went to pclinuxos kde4 which was my favorite until kde4 stopped being supported. installed mint 17.3 mate and tried my hand in arch linux (not the arch way) i heard antergos was just an installer for arch and hated what gnome did with their desktop with a passion when i ran into a homemade installer from Midfingr in 2016 which i still am currently using after many, many , many issues and no boot updates i want to see how long i can keep it going . installing timeshift was one of the best discoveries for me which helped me on over 50+ times my arch broke.

  • Started using open source software, such as Open Office and Mozilla Firebird (now Firefox) on Windows ME in early 2000’s. Tried various Linux distributions (eg Knoppix, Mandrake, etc) using CD’s without permanently installing them.

    First Linux installation was Ubuntu 5.04 Hoary Hedgehog in 2005, permanently removed Windows! Used various versions of Ubuntu with Gnome 2 desktop for several years, short periods using Crunchbang, Xfce, then Linux Mint until 2014. During this time I frequently tried out various distributions and desktops, usually using live media on USB sticks.

    In April 2014 installed Antergos with Gnome 3 desktop. Used Gnome until March this year. Really liked the elegance and simplicity of Gnome but frustrated by the restricted customisation and unreliability of some Gnome Shell extensions. After updating to Gnome 3.28 I had a problem trying to log in, and with the ongoing memory leaks with Gnome Shell, decided to try the KDE Plasma desktop. Very happy with KDE, although the range of settings and customisation can be overwhelming at first.

    Since starting to use Antergos, don’t feel the need to try out any other distributions, as I know I always have the latest versions of software with a huge choice of applications.

  • @pudge
    In my eyes your AT & T days surely count!!!

    Your experience installing Linux the first time was so recognizable, what’s a KDE, XFCE 😂 , That was my exact reaction when I installed Opensuse for the first time.

    A bit off topic, but thank you for this thread, it’s been a while when we had a thread like this on the forum.

    Love to read this kind of experiences from everyone.

  • @zoli62 I have been using linux off and on since 2006-ish. I have always had a back up computer running windows of some sort as i play video games, sometimes Itunes has a really good deals on movies, and somethings aren’t avail to linux without having an engineering degree to make it all work.

    I started with something called mepis. Then I tried a java desktop OS I found at half price books around 2006. I then tried various debians,buntus, mints, suses. I wanted to get into redhad, but I noticed it "didnt do anything multimedia related.

    I know that is gonna make some people on here mad. But at the time I tried it, forget using netflix, hulu, playing any kind of dvd,bluray natively.

    So for me, linux has been neat. But mostly it’s been a love hate relationship.

  • Besides a bad run in with Red Hat in -99, I started with Linux about a year ago. After looking into Mint, and reading up thoroughly I djuped in at the deep side of the pool with Arch. It ran fine, but I started to want things that wasn’t easy for a noob (LVM, separate home directory, and Luks encryption), I got lost, and started looking for a more noob friendly distro. Nothing wrong with Manjaro, but it didn’t fit my needs. Then, looking around, I found Antergos, and it has been my daily driver for about six months now.

  • In the Antergos community, it’s great not to criticize anyone just because it might seem superfluous, in contrast to, for example, the Manjaro family. However, there are many more experienced Linux experts here on the board. That’s my own experience so after a couple of months.

  • @Bryanpwo said in Since when have you started using a Linux environment?:

    In my eyes your AT & T days surely count!!!

    Your experience installing Linux the first time was so recognizable, what’s a KDE, XFCE 😂 , That was my exact reaction when I installed Opensuse for the first time.

    A bit off topic, but thank you for this thread, it’s been a while when we had a thread like this on the forum.

    Love to read this kind of experiences from everyone.

    That was exactly what I was doing with the launch of topics to share our experience, since we all have IT skills in a different field with a little more knowledge. :)

  • I’m pretty sure my first time using one was when I installed Mint in dual boot alongside Win 7 on my parents’ desktop. That ended when I lost a bunch of (everyone’s) data. Now, I’m not going to buy an OS unless I absolutely, really have to.

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