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    I’ve been trying to register for the ArchLinux forum [https://bbs.archlinux.org] despite their rather grumpy admonition "These forums are for Arch Linux x86_64 ONLY. Not Antegros, or Apricity, or Manjaro, or any of the “easy Arch installers’”. I have a question I’d like to post that pertains to Arch, and Antergos is essentially 100% Arch, right?
    Anyway, the registration form requires one to paste the output of “date -u +%V$(uname)|sha384sum|sed ‘s/\W//g’”. OK, I copy-pasted this into a terminal and copy-pasted the long string of characters back into the registration form. But I keep getting an error saying your answer is not correct. What am I doing wrong? I made sure daylight savings was checked on the form, and made sure I copied the command EXACTLY into the terminal. Can they tell I’m using Antergos? Is the output of sha384sum somehow different under Antergos?
    Thanks for any advice.

  • Not an answer to your question, but maybe someone over here knows the answer to your question, at least over here you won’t get burned down.

  • @jackmarison93 That’s the exact reason why I will never install Arch (I could easily install one though after all it is just about copying commands into the terminal from an installation guide/Arch Wiki. It’s stupid and we don’t learn anything from it.) or join their stupid forum. If they don’t want me then I don’t want them either. By giving such a tough question they pissed me off. That stuff was never used in Arch install procedure. So f*k them.

    I love Antergos though. U won’t get anything by installing Arch. Antergos is lean, no bloat and comes pre-configured with essential stuff like gedit, pamac, libreoffice, firefox etc. Who can’t love this? I love Antergos but if you get bored of Antergos you can always go back to Manjaro which is a very fine distribution. I actually had a hard time deciding between Manjaro and Antergos, but chose Antergos because of no bloat and easy install.

    You can also try Arco Linux which is sexy af.

  • @Quantum_Sniper please do not blame archlinux for that nerdy way to register to the forum.

    Archlinux itself is a developer system, it is the base for Antergos but they follow their own philosophy, and in the name of free and freedom they can do so.

    Antergos is following another philosophy and is free to make use of the Archlinux system and its mirrors.

    So we have a friendly cooperation. And do not blame each other.

    Me myself was a long term archuser (up from 2007) i went over to Antergos because i do not like the huzzle with all the little details of configure the system and of cause with the way of communication on the archforum.

    @jackmarison93 if you do not run Archlinux, installed the archway, do not join the archforum, ask your question here, we can solve mostly every issue here with you.

    [Arch != Antergos] (Arch does not equal Antergos)


  • –closing–

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