• Question about manual installation of a package from aur.archlinux.org

    When I google for slimjet and arch linux I hit this page https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/slimjet/ (Version is

    Given that the URL includes aur.archlinux.org, I would naively assume that in pamac if I enabled AUR support it should find this package. It does not.
    In pamac I see version 15.*

    At the moment I’ve installed cloning the git repo and running makepkg and it works well.
    At every update cycle I get a dialog box informing me that installed slimjet version is > slimjet found.

    I’m wondering if there is a downside to installing slimjet the way I’ve done it, i.e. the provenance of the installation source (code) is not necessarily secure.
    Or to put in more simple terms, am I being foolish?

  • No. there’s nothing wrong with the way you’ve installed the package. The dialog box before update is just informing you that the package is newer than the antergos repo version.

    For the next time just install yay (or maybe it’s already installed by default, I’m not sure)

    Then type in the terminal yay and the package name and you’ll find anything in the AUR. Pamac doesn’t find everything in the AUR, don’t ask me why…

    Here is an example:


  • @BlaiseD
    Apparently Antergos has its own version of slimjet, and @developers should update it to the latest available.

    As I see it, the only potential issues using the AUR version comes if the package or dependencies conflict or are not up to date. You can check the PKGBUILD for them, and pacman/pamac will complain if that is the case.

    But all in all, best is that developers update the package.

  • slimjet is from Antergos Repo … and as Antergos is on top of the list you can not see packages with the same name from Archlinux Repo or AUR…

    But you can see it with AUR helpers:

    yay -Ss slimjet
    aur/slimjet (+25 0.42%) 
        Fast, smart and powerful browser based on Blink
    antergos/slimjet (69.2 MiB 257.8 MiB) [browser] 
        Fast, smart and powerful browser based on Blink

    you can build and install from AUR with:

    yay -S aur/slimjet

    pull request:

  • Everybody, many thanks for your replies, as usual I learnt a lot.
    Keep well

  • @joekamprad thanks for reporting and the pull request.
    How did you learn what needs to be done for the pull request?
    Is there a wiki page somewhere?

  • @BlaiseD ha ha it is not realy clear to me too… i am not a developer, only a linux resident.
    One one side there is the PKGBUILD and on the other side there is GitHub with its own commands and mechanisms…


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