• Nautilus Search/File Browsing Slow (and fails)

    Relatively new to Antergos and everything pretty good apart from the Nautilus file browser (search function). It is terribly slow, frequently doesn’t find anything and seems to search without end.

    If I post the ‘term’ I am looking for the search works absolutely fine but if I type something directly into the search bar then there are problems (seems to work ok until’ I enter a ‘space’).

    It used to work perfectly until a few months ago. I assumed that it might have been caused by an update issue and expected that it would just be resolved in time but problem persists.

    Any help would be welcome.

  • The culprit isn’t an update in Nautilus, because over here since the last major update, Nautilus is snappier. Did you by chance installed something around the time it got slower and does it also occur in the LTS kernel?

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