• How to logout from the LightDM greeter (or anywhere)?

    This seems like a hopelessly newbie question, but I have to admit I’m stumped. I just installed Antergos 18, picked Cinnamon, and have always entered the boot-time login password in a long one-line window overlaid on the default desktop background. I just ran a test for which I needed to logout completely, from all access methods. I clicked the “users” icon in the lower left Menu, and saw a new-to-me white window with a huge time readout in it, over a fancy desktop image I’d never seen. I stared blankly for awhile, and finally noticed the tiny up-arrow at the lower right of the time. Unlike every other part of this system, it ignores touchpad taps, but eventually I actually clicked it with the hardware button and it opened a list of users. And an icon with an arrow pointing out the door. “That must be it!”

    But it seems the only thing you can use that icon for is to login as a different user, after entering their password! I eventually gave up and went back to my SSH terminal and killed all the logged in users.

    I’ve been into computers since an 8080 with 64K of memory was exotic, and I can’t remember ever encountering anything so needlessly opaque. What am I missing? Surely there is a graphical way to logout?

  • Bootloader (grub/systemdboot) --> DM (Desktop-Manager aka. Login-Manager) --> DE (Desktop Environment)

    thats how bootup works…

    If you logout from DE (Cinnamon) t brings you back to DM but yout user is not logged in anymore… other if you click change user… that will let user logged in and you can logon with another user…

    If you want to go to CLI / TTY you can press [Ctrl+alt+F2] to go to textonly login …

    if you want also DM to stop simple stop it with systemd:

    sudo systemctl stop lightdm

  • @joekamprad said in How to logout from the LightDM greeter (or anywhere)?:

    Bootloader (grub/systemdboot) --> DM (Desktop-Manager aka. Login-Manager) --> DE (Desktop Environment)
    thats how bootup works…

    OK. So I recognize grub. And then on a cold boot I see a single line in the center of a black screen asking for my password, no choice of user. And then my Cinnamon icons fill in along the bottom of the same screen.

    I’ve identified the white window with the huge time display. According to lots of web posts, it is the WebKit2 Greeter, which apparently runs in LightDM:


    A display manager, or login manager, is typically a graphical user interface that is displayed at the end of the boot process in place of the default shell. There are various implementations of display managers, just as there are various types of window managers and desktop environments.

    GDM — GNOME display manager.
    https://wiki.gnome.org/Projects/GDM || gdm
    LightDM — Cross-desktop display manager, can use various front-ends written in any toolkit.
    https://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/Software/LightDM/ || lightdm


    The Light Display Manager (LightDM)
    LightDM is a cross-desktop display manager. A display manager is a daemon that:

    Runs display servers (e.g. X) where necessary.
    Runs greeters to allow users to pick which user account and session type to use.

    The core LightDM project does not provide any greeter with it and you should install a greeter appropriate to your system. Popular greeter projects are:

    WebKit2 Greeter - greeter that can be themed using HTML/CSS/Javascript


    Not a clue about how to use it, that I can find…

    I never see this “(Desktop-Manager aka. Login-Manager)” or its fancy screen background during a normal boot. I’m guessing grub -> some password grabber function in Cinnamon -> Cinnamon.

    But that isn’t my issue. My question was how to logout. The only route I noticed yesterday was Menu -> [users icon] -> [white dialog with time]. That Menu just got completely revised in the last batch of updates, and the icons are now so abstract they are hard to understand. I just poked all the other icons there, and discovered the meaningless rectangle to the right must be a door with an arrow. The tiny text prompt in the bottom corner says “logout”.

    0_1542401836116_Menu-users.jpg Menu-users.jpg

    I can use the greeter to login as another user, and it switches to their Cinnamon environment. But I can’t find any way to logout from any of the accounts there. Guess I’m expecting too much. But that icon to the right of the password field sure looks to me like it would mean the same thing as the other logout icon.

    0_1542401869273_gazp9 webkit3 greeter crop.jpg gazp9 webkit3 greeter crop.jpg (I can’t find any way to get a real screen capture…)

    Aesthetics and expectations aside, the greeter still ignores touchpad taps. I wonder who of the many people involved could fix that…

  • @LorenAmelang said in How to logout from the LightDM greeter (or anywhere)?:

    I wonder who of the many people involved could fix that


    Logout from DE (Cinnamon) must be aviable from your cinnamon menu.
    Logout from DM (lightdm) is not possible (as in all other DM’s too), as it must be done from Desktop Environment session…

    as you can see from your screenshot:
    0_1542403908075_Bildschirmfoto vom 2018-11-16 22-27-41.png

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