• Pamac GUI updater font not readable on details tab

    I have had this problem for a long time
    any solutions are much appreciated

  • @Ant choose another font ( fixed width) in settings?

    What is your DE (GNOME, KDE e.t.c)?

  • sorry KDE

  • I tried changing font size “Fixed Width” from 6, 8, 10 ,12 ,14 all restarting pamac in between but makes no difference

  • as pamac is a gtk app you need to change font settings for gtk settings…

  • @Ant
    On Xfce, xfce4-appearance-settings can modify fonts for pamac.
    Don’t know if it works on KDE though.

  • 0_1542133348794_Screenshot_20181113_192139.png

    syste,settings5 have option for gtk apps… but only regular font is settable here… i would try to install breeze-gtk and breeze-dark to see if this helps… i do not have this issue here:

  • @joekamprad
    I changed my settings to default but did not work…
    …and then to same as yours but no luck …
    Any Ideas ?
    EDIT: I installed Kvantum (along time back) to get the glass effect on the header but I think that has mostly effect on KDE and Qt apps
    0_1542134303337_Screenshot_20181113_183647.png e problem persists.

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