• Antergos wont boot after interrupted update

    Hi Antergos

    Wondering if one of you wonderful people would be able to help me.

    My system wont boot 😦

    I am getting this error https://imgur.com/a/uWGy0 (p.s. this i
    s not my photo, but it is my error)

    this all happened during an upgrade that crashed halfway through.

    I’ve managed to chroot into my encrypted drive using a live usb but i’m unsure of what to do next and
    I may have chrooted improperly?

    Anyway i tried pacman -Syu from the chroot but pacman says it can’t find mirror.db.

    Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

  • may try to rebuild kernel images and rebuild grub.cfg from into chroot:
    mkinitcpio -p linux
    grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg

    but i never saw do not find mirrors.db before, and also the error messeges from your failed boot looks strange to me…

    Do you try pacman -Syy ?

  • @howlinbash Hello! :)

    It does look like something I’ve never seen, even so, you could try reinstalling all native packages using:

    pacman -Qnq | pacman -S -

    That command has saved me a couple of times after update got interrupted halfway thtough…
    Maybe it could help you too…

    In this case, as your system won’t boot you will need to use a Antergos Live USB and chroot your partitions…
    For example, I have 4 partitions, boot, root, swap and home, but you don’t have to mount the swap partiotions, so, using a command line in an Antergos Live USB, I do the following:

    sudo su

    In order to be able to mount the partitions then:

    mount /dev/sda3 /mnt

    To mount root, sda, being the hdd where antergos is installed and 3 being the partition number, if you are not sure what hdd you are using (a, b, c, etc…), you can use the “lsblk” command and see where Antergos is installed. Then:

    mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/boot

    To mount my boot partition. Then:

    mount /dev/sda4 /mnt/home

    To mount home, and finally:

    arch-chroot /mnt

    Now you can update the system as if you had booted in your “normal” antergos system, you all you need to do now is introduce the “reinstall all native packages” command:

    pacman -Qnq | pacman -S -

    Wait for it to finish. Then, just use the command “exit” twice (one to exit chroot, and another to exit sudo su) and reboot the system without the Live USB drive. Your system could be able to boot at this point…

    Sorry if I used to many steps, I don’t know if you are a newbie or not, but as I came from zero knowledge about linux and had to learn a lot by myself, I consider it would have been nice if someone had given me a better guide to solve some issues.

    Doing all this will do what joekamprad suggested, rebuild the kernel images, as it will reinstall the linux packages too…

    Hope it works for you! :D

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