• Windows Super Key shortcut not working in Antergos XFCE

    Hello everyone, I installed Antergos XFCE today. I was using Antergos MATE previously. Well, I have run into the same problem in XFCE too.

    I am unable to use Windows Super +D (for showing desktop immediately). Windows superkey just opens the Whisker menu, which is pretty annoying.


    The above link tells the problem I faced in MATE. Now I am facing the exact same problem in XFCE. How do I solve this?

    Thanks for your time.

  • the same way, as it is the same programm causing the issue ?

  • @joekamprad Hi joekamprad! Well it’s the same problem but only different Desktop Environments.

    Like last time in MATE, I tried right clicking the Menu button in XFCE but unfortunately I found no options like how it was in MATE. This is a bit tricky.

  • 0_1542042704872_Bildschirmfoto vom 2018-11-12 17-49-31.png

    removing one of the xfce4-popup-whiskermenu shortcut and change the other one to something else helps here…

    but as you say, before whisker opens also on pressing superkey only …

  • @joekamprad I managed to solve the problem. All I had to do was “Reset to Defaults”.
    Steps: Start Menu(Antergos Menu)—>Keyboard—>Application Shortcuts—>Reset to Defaults


    Start Menu—>Window Manager—>Keyboard—>Reset to Defaults

    After this, the Windows Super key works normally. I gave my own customized shortcuts and it is working perfectly now. Thanks @joekamprad.

  • that’s may the same what i do but with more precision ;)

    May i do reset the settings by removing the double entry for the same task… it looks like wrong from my view… to have two shortcuts for the same thing…

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