• How to disable lock screen and one thing more

    Greetings, I usually close the laptop cover and I do not want the lock screen, i want to enter directly to desktop when i open the cover. Is possible to disabe it?


    The other thing is, when i power on the laptop this screen appear. What i want is that this does not appear.


    Sorry for my bad english.

  • you can disable screen locking in light-locker-settings
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    The graphical grub boot-screen-theme is setup inside /etc/default/grub


    # Uncomment one of them for the gfx desired, a image background or a gfxtheme


    you can change the theme by installing one with package-manager and change the line GRUB_THEME="/boot/grub/themes/Antergos-Default/theme.txt" to fit for the new theme, followed by regenerating grub.cfg with this command:
    sudo grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg

    grub2 themes aviable on repo and from AUR:

    aur/grub2-theme-arch-leap 1-3 (+0 0.00%) 
        Arch Linux branded theme adapted from openSUSE Leap 42.1
    aur/grub-themes-solarized-dark-materialized 1.0-2 (+2 0.01%) 
        Solarized-Dark-Materialized grub2 theme
    aur/grub-themes-vimix 1.0-1 (+2 0.01%) 
        vimix grub2 theme
    aur/grub-themes-stylishdark 1.1-1 (+2 0.07%) 
        stylishdark grub2 theme
    aur/denix-grub2-theme 1.0-1 (+4 0.00%) 
        DeniX grub2 theme
    aur/grub2-themes-dharma 1.6-1 (+11 0.00%) (Out-of-date 2017-12-30) 
        Chakra Dharma GRUB theme.
    aur/grub2-theme-dharma-mod 1.0-1 (+14 0.08%) 
        Slightly adapted GRUB2 gfxmenu theme from Chakra's Dharma theme. Fits well to Caledonia art suite (same author).
    aur/grub2-theme-vimix-git 20170904-1 (+25 0.04%)
        Grub2 theme Vimix
    aur/arch-silence-grub-theme r1.3c851d8-2 (+50 2.68%) 
        Arch Silence - GRUB2 theme
    aur/grub2-theme-arch-suse 3.1-1 (+52 0.12%) 
        ArchLinux branded Grub2 theme adapted from openSUSE 12.2
    aur/grub2-theme-archxion 1.0-6 (+166 0.99%) 
        Grub2 gfxmenu theme.
    aur/grub2-theme-archlinux 1.0-4 (+255 1.60%) 
        Grub2 gfxmenu theme.
    community/deepin-grub2-themes 1.0.0-3 (1.9 MiB 3.5 MiB) [deepin] 
        Deepin grub2 themes
    antergos/grub2-theme-antergos 0.1-1 (1.3 MiB 1.3 MiB)
        Antergos default Grub2 theme

    to make it not appearing change its timeout to 0 may work but will make it impossible to make use of its options on bootup…


    same as before inside /etc/default/grub save the file and regenerate grub.cfg as mentioned before…

    Also possible to disable the theme to get a textonly bootup menu by commenting the theme line out like this:

  • Lock screen still appear when i close and open the cover of laptop…(ok i did it, disabling only “lock in suspend” Works, thanks)

    To the grub boot screen, i cant save it, i enter in default folder and open grub, then i replace 5 for 0 but save is disabled

  • sudo nano /etc/default/grub


    You need root permission to edit system files.

    save file with [Ctrl+X] inside nano

  • DONE! thanks for help

  • you are welcome!

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