• Just wanted to say how much i love Antergos !

    Sorry for bad English in advance x:

    I tried a lot of distros in the past, and recently got hooked up with i3-gaps, but wanted a non bloated distro, tried arch got it working, but lazy like i’m it was a hassle to install it all over again in another computer, i heard about Antergos but didn’t know much about it, decided to give it a try, and man i was blown away, one of the easiest installation that i had to do in a long time, and i have fallen in love with the fact that it comes non bloated at all compared to Manjaro or other non arch based distros and let you install only the base of the system (actually liked the multiple choice of DE/WM but i use i3-gaps not i3 so needed to go with the base install)
    Long story short, i’m in love with you guys, keep up the good work :) <3

  • thanks for the 🌸 🌹 🌺 🌻 🌼 and welcome at the Forum!

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