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    I am trying to install multiple Antergos (KDE, Deepin, and XFCE) on one laptop - essentially create a multiboot system using various Antergos DEs. I have done this before but there seems to be something in the Antergos installer that prevents me from having the option to choose from the different installations in the grub menu.
    Anyone done this before and is there a certain way to set this up?

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    This can be done, I’ve done it on Gentoo and Ubuntu before, but be aware the some settings may conflict with each other. For instance, I don’t believe that Budgie and Deepin can be installed side-by-side because they both use mutter as a WM (window manager). When I installed Deepin on a Ubuntu Budgie install, the Deepin Desktop would get hung. In Antergos, I installed Deepin, then Budgie. Budgie hangs at login.

    But, I think as long as the versions use seperate WMs, you should be fine. KDE uses KWin, Deepin uses Mutter, and Xfce uses … well, whatever you set it to. I know Openbox and Metacity work with it, I’ve heard that i3wm works with it, and there was a compiz-like WM for Xfce, but I cannot recall what it is called anymore (found it, it is Compton) Here’s a list of the compositing WMs. I used to run Compiz with the Emerald/Beryl theming on Gentoo back in the day with the Desktop Cube, Wobbly Windows, Background Fade, etc… IIRC, Ubuntu (Unity) was the last major distro that supported CCSM (Compiz CSM) from a repo.

    As for installing that, I’d do it from a terminal. You could use pacman, I prefer yay because it will pull stuff from the AUR if it’s not available in the repos. Plus you can upgrade with just yay, the -Syu is implied. It also elevates permissions as needed (don’t build AUR packages as root, security risk). All these directions were borrowed from Arch Linux directions, so (others) if there are better Antergos directions, please let me know.


    yay -Syy plasma kde-applications

    plasma = is a grouping of items needed for the KDE 5 (plasma) desktop. It includes kwin, oxygen, etc…
    kde-applications = is a mega grouping of KDE applications. It includes everything (possibly kitchen-sink? 😋 ) I’ve heard all that’s over 800 MB to download (and 2.5GB to install), so space may be a concern.


    yay -Syy xfce4 xfce-goodies

    xfce4 group installs 16 packages that weigh in at 50 MB.
    xfce-goodies adds about 5 more packages.


    yay -Syy deepin deepin-extras

    Deepin is about 500MB installed, with an extra 50M if you install the extras.

    Note: If you want the deepin-anything DKMS module, you’ll need both linux-headers and the base-devel package to properly build them. In Ubuntu this meta-package is known as “build essentials” - it gives you the parts needed to compile kernel modules.

    yay -Syy base-devel linux-headers
    yay -Syy deepin-anything

    Other Notes:

    Some of these installs will have greeters (login screens). Which one you stick with is technically up to you. The main greeter-DE pairings that I know of are lightdm (Unity/Budgie/Xfce), gdm (Gnome), kdm (KDE), sddm (Deepin).

    edit: kernel module instructions.

    Best of luck!

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