• Where to start learning Bash?

    Does anyone here have some experience on how to get started to learn Bash?

    I seem to be unable to find a way to start learning Bash. Looking at some Ressources I found online, and I found them either too intimidating or confusing to read.

    Is there a site which offers some exercises and not only a long text? I used sites like Codecademy in the past, which at least kind of work for me as a way of learning, unfortunately, they aren’t offering a Bash Course for Scripts.

  • Thank you. Learnshell looks quite good from the beginning at least, even if it looks like the learning curve is quite slow… Hopefully I can learn a bit with that. The other link seems to be kind of intimidating, but I’ll try it.

  • @Severus
    Learning by doing is a very good way to go. But what is your main goal? Are you studying bash because you want to:

    • write bash scripts/programs?
    • understand existing bash scripts/programs?
    • purely academic interest?
    • something else?
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