• Nemo not opening files as root.

    I was having to end of problems with Nemo and open as root not working. Well I found out after a long search and many false leads it Wayland or specifically xwayland. Well the cure was installing dbus-x11 and xuserrun-dbus-git from the AUR. I tried a ton of stuff with no luck but now when in Nemo I right click and choose open as root and the password window opens and a new window opens. The stuff I tried was from years past but with Wayland “not the best idea” replacing x11 because of a huge security flaw in x11 this cure will fill in the gap for now. Just helping out anyone that is experiencing this problem. I’ve had many problems in my 2 years on Linux and it’s my time to help out. Maybe if the Antergos Cinnamon install included this it would make the user experience better since it took me weeks to find what the problem was and it’s not just in Antergos either because other Distros with Cinnamon DE have it also. I installed a few with all the same problem except for Manjaro but I like Antergos a lot better.

  • developers are slowly taking away all our root access. in mint19/ubuntu18/ gksu is already gone. in plasma5 dolphin/kate is built from source to not allow root access

    the link @joekamprad gave already has strike outs in it and also warns you about insecure xhost.

    what does it tell you opening from terminal.


    does wayland have something like .xsession-errors do you have anything in there anyway ?

  • Cinnamon does not support Wayland yet ? or i missed something ?

  • @trytip If this is the case I believe it’s time to stop upgrading for me because I’d rather be insecure than to not be able to administer my machine. Hell that means I can’t even copy images to my user/shared/backgrounds folder. I think they are now turning Linux into windows and that sounds like the developers are trying to make it so windows gets a lot of pissed off Linux users. If this keeps going I’ll find the distro that doesn’t do this no matter what. Screw the ones taking my OS from me. I had to watch for years as MS did it and if Linux does I can see people shifting to the one distro that doesn’t take that power and all the other ones falling to the wayside. I hope they aren’t trying to push wayland, I tried a distro with that and it was buggy as hell and not ready yet. I’d say late alpha or early beta but not even an RC yet. They should just fix xorg instead since it’s a seasoned program. Worse comes to worse everything they lock down someone or ones will fork that product to the free minded people.

  • @shawnfromnh1 you will ever have root access to your files… but the way it works will change, and already have changed…
    Open a new topic if you want to get into this, please …


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