• Xfce Users and Groups issue

    Hi All,

    I’m a long-time Xubuntu user and first time Antergos user. Having trouble with user management gui. I installed gnome-system-tools for its Users and Groups gui (which I believe is what Xubuntu always used). However, it won’t let me create a Desktop user, only an Administrator. Any help would be appreciated.

  • @tonystark
    The official tools for user management on Xfce are command line tools (useradd, usermod, etc.)
    They are the best tools, although not perhaps the easiest to use.

    Then there are some unofficial (user to user) GUI tools, e.g. this: https://forum.antergos.com/topic/9154/simple-graphical-user-manager-for-xfce-mainly
    It is very simple (and has quite limited capabilities), but should be useful for basic user management. Note that it hasn’t been tested much, so in case of any problems, please report them on that same thread.

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