• Package Manager Doesn't Use KDE Theme

    Not really a big problem, but I couldn’t find such information on forums, so here we go…

    Does anyone know why antergos (KDE) Package Manager doesn’t “inherit” system themes and uses its own interface? In other words, I use KDE Breeze (Dark) theme and custom window decorations. So ALL apps look like this - https://i.postimg.cc/cLsgCwQ0/kde-apps.png

    However, no matter which theme and window decoration I choose, Package Manager always looks this - https://i.postimg.cc/8cND4BkC/package-manager.png (see how minimize/maximize/close buttons are totally different).

    Why is that? It happens on 3 computers (all running antergos KDE), no matter which theme and window style is used on system.

  • The problem has to do with KDE and not with Antergos, Pamac uses gtk theming and not qt like the rest of the native apps for KDE. Since the gtk adept theming is limited on KDE, Pamac will always look alienated between the different KDE themes.
    You can install:


    So gtk apps will look less alienated, although it only adepts the window theming and not the entire look of the app.

  • you don’t say how you set the gtk theme. do you have

  • @trytip - kde-gtk-config is installed (and GTK apps are configured to use the same theme as KDE apps).

    @Bryanpwo - thank you very much, gtk3-nocsd-git standalone solved this issue.

  • @toxpal
    You’re welcome.

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