• Icon theme does not save in KDE

    I had a Antergos KDE build and all was running well and decided to install Antergos-Openbox-Meta, and although Openbox generally works well, whenever I log into KDE, the icon theme resets itself to Numix-Square-Light. I change it in settings and apply, and the icon theme then does change, but if I log out and log in again to KDE, the icon theme is back to Numix-Square-Light. I believe this theme was the default for Openbox as when I first ran Openbox and Openbox/KDE, this was the theme used. Is there any way to fix this please? Cheers.

  • Not sure if this is relevant, but on my laptop the icon theme saving only worked after I switched to using sddm instead of lightdm.
    For the record I switched to sddm to fix the kde-wallet issue.
    I did not see such behaviour on the desktop box.
    I did install a newer version of Antergos on the laptop, so that might explain why I saw different behaviour.

  • Take a look to what is Autostart on login, may something from open box is start with kde now.

  • Thanks for sharing.

  • may it is caused by qt5ct what is shipped with antergos-openbox-meta ?

    try moving config out of the way: mv ~/.config/qt5ct ~/.config/qt5ct.bak
    and see if this is helping

    move it back: mv ~/.config/qt5ct.bak ~/.config/qt5ct

  • i need to uninstall qt5ct to solve this issue

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