• Equivalent of "sudo apt-get clean" on Antergos

    Hello everyone!

    I come from a Debian background where all I had to do was

    sudo apt-get autoremove --purge
    sudo apt-get clean

    to keep my system clean and free of unwanted dependencies. Are there any equivalents of this in Antergos?

    I have currently installed Bleachbit to clean my system btw, but I still notice that everyday the usage of space is increasing. The space used is increasing but I don’t know how. I am not installing any applications. Just updating my system, that’s all.

    Still, I tried

    sudo pacman -Scc
    yay -Yc

    The space consumed is still not decreasing. Will rolling release systems consume more space with every update? Is it recommended to run the above commands as I did?

  • Thanks @joekamprad .

    So the space consumed was due to the updates and due to pacman keeping 3 versions of the software.
    I read the Arch wiki a bit in the sent link and it said that Hooks thing was already built in Pacman. No need to do it manually like before. I got another doubt though. Does sudo pacman -Scc remove the entire cache? Or does it keep 3 versions? When I run it terminal, it asks whether I want to remove ALL cache and unused repositories? So I am assuming that it removes all cache.

  • @Quantum_Sniper as far as I remember it is not enabled by default. So you will need to follow the how-to just providing

  • if you have pacman-contrib you have paccache , paccache -rk3 should keep last 3 version mostly i do -rk1 :)

  • Thanks @ringo32 .

    I did the command that you said:

    [[email protected] ~]$ sudo paccache -rk3
    [sudo] password for darshanhl: 
    ==> no candidate packages found for pruning
    [[email protected] ~]$ sudo paccache -rk1
    ==> no candidate packages found for pruning
    [[email protected] ~]$ sudo paccache -rk0
    ==> no candidate packages found for pruning
    [[email protected] ~]$ 

    But I had done

    sudo pacman -Scc

    in the afternoon. Now I know for sure that -Scc removes everything in the cache. I think this is very dangerous and risky on my part. I never knew about paccache command, I always used to use -Scc . I think that I am very lucky.

  • yeah your cache is empty so that -rk1 or other options there is not usefull now, future will be :)

  • @manuel I have definitely bookmarked that page now. Thanks @manuel !

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