• Antergos not installing.........Take a deep breathe......

    Installing Antergos has been a pain lately, we all can’t deny that.
    When installs don’t work or stall or whatever, I understand you can be frustrated and even angry about it. The next step is to go to the forum and ask for a solution, that’s the best thing to do. Though I do understand your frustration, just take a breathe and realize that:
    A) You didn’t have to pay 139,- EURO to get Antergos on your hardware.
    B) You didn’t have to buy a 1300,- EURO machine to get an Antergos license.
    Antergos is made and maintained by people who like doing this, without a business model. It’s purely based on enthusiasm and the love of it from three persons.
    Of course you can have ideas and suggestions to make Antergos better, but suggesting is a different thing than demanding. So take a breathe and realize this before submitting a strong opinion when things go wrong, after all we’re all using this distro that was made with the devs vision.
    There are a lot of examples of Linux projects that ceased to exist because of this sort of behaviour, the most recent example is AURMAN.
    I know that a lot of you treat the devs with respect, but I see regularly that people post strong opinions based on frustration.
    So count to ten, take a breathe and search on the forum first, instead of blindly submitting, you’re most likely not the only one that has this problem, that’s the plus side of having a forum.
    For a solution to the current problem just click over here. Karasu is working on it and apoligised for the inconvenience, he also gave us a temporarily solution.✌

  • Very well said, I am grateful for all the work the Linux communities do and this is the reason I don’t complain or demand anything. I know they spend hours of their free time developing systems for us to use and yes we have to keep this in mind when asking for help

    As stated we don’t pay for anything so how can we demand anything, let’s just enjoy the open source software and try to figure out problems when they arise. And don’t forget to thank those who take the time to help us with our questions

    Have a great day

  • I agree that, for something which is community driven, demanding something is not the way but I don’t see any problem in suggesting that Antergos should provide a reliable way to install it. I’ve installed Antergos in some computers and I’ve been hit by this kind of problem twice. Maybe it’s my bad luck but I think the developers should think about a reliable way to install it that, even in the case of a package being badly built, you don’t get an unbootable system. We are not talking here about a minor bug, this could render a computer unusable if you don’t have access to a second one to install any other distribution and it’s a very serious issue. Every time I install Antergos I don’t know what’s going to happen. Even if the install media is OK, then it can fail due to a network error or a badly signed package. That doesn’t happen in other distributions and the solution is very simple and it’s been done in many of them: install a base system from the USB and get a bootable system, then install updates. That way, even if any update fail, you can get a working system with the base installation and try to fix it from there.

  • @getaceres
    I didn’t say that you can’t suggest things, my post was merely aimed at people who ask for help, but at the same time aren’t open for help. Usually they start posting the problem, while there’s already an ongoing thread on it and in the same post they strongly explain that this and that is fundamentally wrong and because of that they were forced to moved over to this and that distro, because Antergos is crap.
    Of course we can discuss the ups and downs of the distro over here and in the end it’s up to the devs what suggestions will make it to the next release.
    My point is just to do this all in an adult and civil fashion.

  • @Bryanpwo said in Antergos not installing.........Take a deep breathe......:

    My point is just to do this all in an adult and civil fashion.


    b.t.w. devs are already working on a possibillity to get Antergos installed offline directly from ISO…

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