• Additional Forum Theme?

    Hi all,

    enjoying antergos for quite a while now. maybe it would be possible to offer the users a more conservative (read: simpler looking) theme? to me, the forum looks like a wrecked social media attempt, sorry. i believe it would be a lot more inviting to read and write for users of all ages and skill to have a more conventional looking forum.
    also i think people who are seriously trying to find solutions (maybe code snippets) are accessing the fora with a screen size big enough so they don’t need these big font sizes.

  • https://nodebb.org/

    is this possible?

  • i think so
    “NodeBB ships with 3 core themes. You can download more themes in the Plugins Control Panel”

  • As i do not think that Antergos devs will change the theme for the forum, it is may possible to have an option inside settings to size font or change theme personally …

    I do not know about config options for nodebb and have no rights to do so.

    Only @developers can do so.

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