Im pretty comfortable setting most aspects of my system up, but for some reason setting up this network printer seems impossible to figure out and I am finally looking for more help then I can google.

Detecting the printer works fine (http://localhost:631/admin/), found. Added the MG5700 series driver and set the defaults… Then I run a test page and I get the following error

Canon MG5700 series		Canon MG5700 series - CUPS+Gutenprint v5.3.1	Processing - "Unable to locate printer "0FF9C2000000.local"."

Now I read that the hole “0FF9C2000000.local” can be a bit of a nightmare as well so I also tried manually specifying a URI like and that failed as well. Of course all the windows desktops have no probs detecting and using the printer. And up until now I have been using google “Cloud print” to print stuff from the browser but there ought to be a better way… Im using KDE - but setting it up through the CUPS interface…

Any thoughts on where I can look to set this printer up ?