• Can't install necessary packages // antergos-desktop-settings

    So now its OK to install it or it still has problem?

  • i have just done a mate install without any issue on VM…

    May mirrors are not fully synced at the moment and we need to wait a bit more for some countries—

    you an check mirrorstatus here:

  • @joekamprad Bit off topic here, but can you please try the keyboard shortcut configuration problem that I had mentioned earlier in my own post?

  • @Quantum_Sniper i can… later i will be off for one hour now…
    your post and two others was the reason to install Mate ;)

  • @joekamprad I’ve just done a Gnome install successfully.
    If it matters, from your mirrors link, I picked a random mirror with “100%” (cinnarch.polymorf.fr) as the sole Antergos mirror for the installer.

    …Of course, the successful install ended up running like this, but I strongly suspect that that’s the laptop’s fault. : p (A Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 11E (3rd Generation); it can run Ubuntu, though with strange issues, so its Linux compatibility is questionable.)

  • I’ve just done a KDE install successfully.
    I choose the recommended option from mirrors

  • Installed both MATE and GNOME on separate PCs without issue. I allowed the system to choose recommended mirrors. (Systemd boot)

  • Hi,
    I’ve exact the same problem with ISO 18.11 on 2 of 3 engines.
    The first installation in an virtual machine works fine, no probs.
    Than I try it on my Laptop, also no probs.
    On my desktop I got the message with not enough Space
    “Auf dem Gerät ist kein Speicherplatz mehr verfügbar: add_fatal in /usr/share/cnchi/src/misc/events.py:83”
    Ok, I could manage it with choosing an other antergos-server.
    But on the Laptop of my son, no chance.
    I try it with several servers, gnome-dist. and basic-distribution. Always the same announcement.
    Can anyone help?

  • @Airhead please open a new post for your issue as it is not the same as post starter have, if you can provide cnchi log:

    /var/log/cnchi.log | curl -F [email protected] https://ptpb.pw/?u=1


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