• Can't install necessary packages // antergos-desktop-settings

    I am installing antergos from USB with UEFI and i am selecting KDE plasma , i get this error “Can’t install necessary packages” and every time package is “antergos-desktop-settings” and logs saying “SHA256 key don’t match” I try installing for 20 times or 30 times, and i try with 2 different USB. I update my mirrorlist every time, if i won’t update
    again i get this error. (My English is not perfect, if u don’t understood anything, sorry.)

  • so iam not the only one with this issue

  • no your not i have also the issue

  • this is a official bug, as the package is not valid and needed to install successfully ;)

  • When should i try again?

  • https://build.antergos.com/package/antergos-desktop-settings
    already on the build queue…
    i will post here when it is at the mirrors…

  • @joekamprad said in Can't install necessary packages // antergos-desktop-settings:

    i will post here when it is at the mirrors…

    Thanks a lot :)

  • @joekamprad Interesting Build System. But on the https://build.antergos.com/builds/queue there is nothing. Is this just empty because i don’t have Access? Or is this another Queue? Or a Bug?

    The Package is since 28/10 in the Build Queue (from the Page you Posted) so since two Days no new Build? On the other hand last time it was Pushed for Build on the 14/10 and got some Minutes Later a Build.

  • @surtic86 i am not common on the build procedere… but it looks like that at the moment there is nothing building…

    last output is:

    Webhook triggered by Github. Packages added to the build queue: antergos-desktop-settings

    and no Build 8445 for antergos-desktop-settings 1.15-2 was successful. so build process itself is not started jet…

  • I’m waiting patiently. Bad time for a new installation on my part. That’s not an accusation.

  • Hope the Build gets started soon… kindly bad when you can’t install the OS at all. Eventually kick the Build Job Manually?

  • @surtic86 may that is what needs to be done by one have the rights to do so 😊

  • Can someone estimate when it will possible again to install Antergos? Just wondering if it’s matter of hours, days or weeks.

  • This can only be answered by @developers

  • I’m having the same issue (only my error says “Can’t download needed packages” instead of “Can’t install necessary packages” but I assume that’s just a typo of @l1vee )

    The entire error is as follows:
    Antergos Installer - Error
    “Can’t download needed packages. Cnchi can’t continue.”: add_fatal in /usr/share/cnchi/src/misc/events.py:83

    and at the bottom you can see it’s stuck on:
    Fetching antergos-desktop-settings 1.14-1 (194/1081)…

  • same error.

    stuck on the Fetching antergos-desktop-settings 1.14-1.

  • Same issue here. I chose the wrong day to test a new distro :(

  • Same problem

    Even tried to download the package manually and add to the cache partition, but Cnchi still tries to re-download it

  • Any progress on this? This is a critical bug that totally makes installation impossible.

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